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Welcome to MintoDesk

Please carefully read these Terms before using the site. By using the site or creating an account, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with these Terms, please do not access or use the site.

MintoDesk is intended for users who are at least 18 years old. If you are under 18 but at least 13, you may use the site with the permission of a parent or legal guardian. If you are under 13, you may not use the site.

Key Terms:

  • Users who purchase services are "Buyers."
  • "Custom Offers" are special proposals from Sellers in response to Buyer's specific requirements.
  • "Custom Orders" are requests by Buyers for Custom Offers from Sellers.
  • "Gig® Extras" are additional services offered by Sellers.
  • "Gig® Packages" let Sellers offer services with different formats and prices, including upgrades.
  • The "Gig® Page" is where Sellers describe their Gig, and Buyers can make purchases.
  • "Gig®" refers to services offered on MintoDesk.
  • "Logo Design" is an original design uploaded by a Seller through MintoDesk's Logo Maker.
  • "Logo Maker" is MintoDesk's automated logo design tool.
  • The "Order Page" is where Buyers and Sellers communicate regarding ordered Gigs.
  • "Orders" are formal agreements between Buyers and Sellers after a purchase is made.

Overview (Main terms, in a nutshell):

  • Only registered users can buy and sell on Mintodesk, with free registration.
  • Provide accurate information during registration; maintain account security.
  • Gigs start at a base price of $5, determined by the Seller.
  • Buyers pay in advance; orders are created through the Order button.
  • Sellers must fulfill orders promptly; canceling affects reputation.
  • Sellers gain account levels based on performance, unlocking benefits.
  • Users must comply with Community Standards and Privacy Policy.
  • Fiverr may use delivered works for marketing purposes.


  • Sellers create Gigs for Buyers to purchase services.
  • Each completed Gig credits the Seller with 80% of the purchase amount.
  • Sellers may not promote Gigs via Google Ads.
  • Ratings determine Seller levels; low ratings may lead to account suspension.
  • Fiverr may temporarily disable withdrawal for security reasons.
  • Sellers must have liability insurance for service-related risks.


  • Sellers can post a set number of active Gigs based on their level.
  • Gigs and users may be removed for violations; see the Community Standards.
  • Gigs must have appropriate images and may include approved Gig videos.
  • Statements undermining these terms on Gig pages are prohibited.
  • Eligible Gigs in select categories may set up Gig Packages.
  • Certain categories are exclusive to Pro Freelancers.

Gig® Extras:

  • Additional services offered at an extra price by Sellers.
  • Gig Extras must be related to the base service and part of the deliverables.
  • The number and price of Gig Extras depend on the Seller's level.


  • Sellers can achieve levels based on activity, performance, and reputation.
  • Levels provide benefits, such as offering Gigs for higher prices.
  • Top Rated Sellers are chosen based on various criteria and gain exclusive features.

Custom Offer:

  • Sellers can send Custom Offers tailored to specific Buyer requirements.
  • Custom Offers include service description, price, and expected delivery time.
  • Sent from the conversation page, ensuring clear communication.
  • Services in Custom Offers must adhere to Mintodesk.com's Terms of Service.

Project Milestones:

  • Gigs and Custom Offers over $100 can have up to six project milestones.
  • Each milestone's minimum amount is $50, and the project should have at least two milestones.
  • Milestones are paid and delivered separately, following the description and timelines.
  • After a milestone is completed, Buyers choose to continue or stop the Order.
  • If the next milestone isn't paid within 10 days, the Order under subsequent milestones won't start.
  • A milestone is marked as complete if no action is taken within 8 days after delivery, but further milestones won't initiate.


Direct Payments:

  • Buyers must not offer direct payments to Sellers outside the Mintodesk.com platform.
  • Mintodesk.com retains the right to use publicly published delivered works for marketing.


  • Refer to Payment Terms for payments, fees, and taxes.
  • Buyers can request services through Post a Request; ensure compliance with guidelines.
  • Custom Orders can be requested with specific Buyer requirements.

ORDERS Basics:

  • Order is created and given a unique Mintodesk order number once payment is confirmed.
  • Sellers deliver completed files through the Deliver Work button on the Order page.
  • Buyers may not abuse the Deliver Work button; misuse may lead to consequences.
  • An Order is marked as Complete after acceptance by the Buyer or automatically after 3 days.
  • Buyers and Sellers are encouraged to settle conflicts; use Resolution Center if needed.

Handling Orders:

  • Sellers notified of an Order via email and site notifications.
  • Sellers must meet specified delivery times to maintain their status.
  • Completed files must be sent using the Deliver Completed Work button.
  • Buyers can use the "Request Revisions" feature if materials don't match the Gig description.

Review System:

  • Buyer reviews are crucial for Mintodesk's rating system. Learn more here.
  • Reviews won't be removed unless clear violations of Terms of Service or Community Standards.
  • Reviews must be from legitimate, eligible orders; misuse leads to account suspension.
  • Withholding services to gain favorable reviews is prohibited.
  • Sellers can't solicit feedback removal through mutual cancellations.
  • Reviews become public once both parties complete them or the review period ends.
  • Work Samples in a Live Portfolio are based on Buyer's choice to publish with public feedback.

Disputes and Cancellations:

  • Buyers and Sellers encouraged to settle conflicts; use Resolution Center or contact Customer Support.
  • Refer to Payment Terms for disputes, order cancellations, and refunds.

User Conduct and Protection :


  • No sharing of personal contact details to circumvent Mintodesk messaging system.
  • Exchange necessary personal info within the Order Page.
  • Mintodesk doesn't guarantee service levels; use dispute resolution tools.
  • Rude, abusive, or violent language is not tolerated; may lead to warnings or account suspension.
  • No discrimination based on gender, race, age, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • No solicitation of parties introduced through Mintodesk outside the platform.


  • Defaming competitors by ordering from them may result in review removal or account actions.
  • No spamming or soliciting for review removal or order cancellation.


  • Report copycat Gigs; sellers must provide original work and have valid licenses for incorporated content.
  • Mintodesk responds to alleged copyright or trademark infringement.

Reporting Violations:

  • Report any content violating Terms of Service or Community Standards through appropriate channels.
  • Cases are reviewed by Trust & Safety team; results not shared for privacy.


  • Warnings may be issued for violations, leading to account consequences.

Non-Permitted Usage:

  • No exchange of adult or pornographic materials and services.
  • Inappropriate behavior/language, bullying, harassment, or hate speech is not allowed.
  • No phishing, spam, or attempts to compromise member accounts.
  • Privacy & Identity: No publishing of private information; use Order Page for necessary exchanges.
  • Authentic Mintodesk Profile: No creating false identities; profile information must be accurate and complete.

Intellectual Property Claims:

  • Mintodesk responds to notices of alleged copyright or trademark infringement.

Fraud / Unlawful Use:

  • No use of Mintodesk for unlawful or illegal purposes.

Abuse and Spam:

  • Multiple Accounts: Limit to one active Mintodesk account and one active Mintodesk Pro account.
  • Targeted Abuse: No harassment or abuse towards other users.
  • No buying or selling of Mintodesk accounts.

Proprietary Restrictions:

  • Site and its materials are exclusively owned by Mintodesk.
  • Users must not copy, modify, distribute, or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Site.
  • Users must not create derivative works or use automation software not authorized by Mintodesk.

Feedback Rights:

  • Feedback provided to Mintodesk is deemed an exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual ownership right.


  • Sellers must treat information from Buyers as confidential and use it only for delivering ordered work.

General Terms :

Mintodesk reserves the right to temporarily hold or permanently disable accounts for violating Terms of Service or Community Standards, such as low-quality services or illegal use.

Account violation may result in permanent disability; disabled users can contact Customer Support for details.

Disabled accounts can't engage in buying or selling on Mintodesk.

Users can enable security features to protect against unauthorized usage.

Account ownership verification may be required through Customer Support.

Resolve disputes using Mintodesk's 'Resolution Center' or contact Customer Support.

Mintodesk may update its Terms of Service; continued use implies acceptance of changes.