Refunds & Cancellations Last update 2 weeks ago

Cancellations & Refunds :

1. Cancellation of a Service/Project:

  • Communication: Prior to cancellation, communication between Buyer and Seller is recommended to address concerns.
  • Notification: Requestor must notify the other party through WorkStream or request a refund using the "Request Refund" action.
  • Completed Project: If the Buyer fails to notify the Seller and the project is completed, payment is required for the service delivered.
  • After Notification: Freelancer stops working, and parties agree on payment for completed work.

1.2 Refund Policy:

  • Refund Eligibility: Buyers are entitled to a refund under conditions like no response, non-delivery, poor quality, or if the Seller lost a dispute.
  • Mutual Agreement: Refunds may also be mutually agreed upon, subject to review by the Mintodesk team.
  • Refund Request: Buyers can request a refund through the "Request Refund" action, and Sellers approve or reject. Non-actioned requests may lead to automatic release by Mintodesk.
  • Dispute & Review: (now Mintodesk) reviews refund requests to ensure compliance with terms and conditions.

1.4 Refund & Cancellation Penalties:

  • Impact on Standing: Refunds due to Seller fault negatively impact Seller status and rankings. Refunds caused by Buyer may negatively impact Buyer status.
  • Multiple Refunds: Multiple refunds attributed to a user may lead to temporary and/or permanent restrictions on their account.

1.5 Chargeback:

  • Chargeback Process: Chargebacks initiated by Buyers through their credit card issuer are followed as per their instructions.
  • Recovery: Mintodesk is entitled to recover chargebacks imposed on them by payment product issuers on funds paid to Sellers.
  • Reversal of Payments: Mintodesk may reverse payments subject to chargeback or reversal instructions from payment product issuers.